Coaches Order Form


  • Please make sure all the information is correct and all fields have the correct info in them before submitting. 
    • Any order not complete will be sent back for corrections
    • Orders must be submitted to on this excel order form
    • Orders MUST contain a Purchase Order Approved by the school or Credit Card information when the order is submitted before it will be processed.


  1. 1.      Customer Email- Your email address
  2. 2.      Order Taken By- Your Name
  3. 3.      Date – Today’s Date
  4. 4.      Skeeter Kell PO# - Leave this blank (Office Use Only)
  5. 5.      Order Request Date- Date you need the order in hands.
  6. 6.      Stock or Custom- Do you need the items shipped blank or customized?
  7. 7.      Sold to- Where do we need to send the invoice?
  8. 8.      Ship to- Where do we need to ship the items?
  9. 9.      QTY- How many do you need?
  10. 10.   Item #- Model number that can be found in Catalogs
  11. 11.  Color-  Use color code or name of the color found in Catalogs
  12. 12.  Description- Item Description
  13. 13.  Size/QTY-  Use this format.  Example S/5 M/3 L/5 or 9/1 10/4 11/5
  14. 14.  Cost/Price/Total- Leave this blank (Office Use Only)
    1. a.      We can send you a quote back before the order is placed if you request one
    2. 15.  NOTES/DECORATION NOTES/ETC.- This is where you need to put any information about the order that we need to know about.  If you are wanting it screen printed, embroidered, etc. you must let us know any of that here or in the email when you sent it in.  If not, we will not know if we need to ship the items to you blank or to a decorator.
    3. 16.  Tax – If you are Tax Exempt you must send a Tax-Exempt form unless you are a school that is already in our system.